The program took place yesterday, July 21, 2022 at exactly 9 am and was held at the Campus Mini-Theater.

The monitoring team was headed by the CHEDR02 educational supervisors, Dr. Jocelyn P. Carag together with Sir Rey S. Tuddao and Engr. Joven B. Jacinto.

Moreover, the core team of ISU Roxas successfully presented the different areas headed by the Academic Director, Dr. Marilyn S. Luzano and the ever-supportive Campus Administrator, Dr. Eddie I. Peru.

Among the areas that were visited are: Administration, Faculty, Curriculum, Library, Laboratory, OJT/Internship/practicum, Consortia, Coalitions, Linkages and Networking, Board Examinations Performance and the level of preparedness for the upcoming implementation of the face-to-face classes this September.

CHED R02 and ISU-Roxas guarantee to provide quality education as the Isabela State Universityโ€™s top mission is to develop globally competitive human through a quality instruction.