Under Proclamation No. 227 of 1988, the National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC) is held annually to recognize the contributions of Filipino women to our society. The topic highlights that women should be active agents of positive change and benefit from the results of development initiatives. This can be accomplished by empowering women, allowing them to engage effectively with other development stakeholders, and adopting the MCW.

Specifically, the 2023 celebration aims to: inform and engage women as stakeholders of government programs and servicesβ€”to promote citizen-centric governance and make “change” a conscious effort to know, understand, and provide what ALL citizens need; create and facilitate platforms to discuss good practices, gaps, challenges, and commitments in pursuing gender and development (GAD)β€”to strengthen implementation of the Magna Carta of Women and inspire and empower women and girls to be agents of changeβ€”to contribute in promoting gender equality and the empowerment of all women.

In line with this meaningful celebration, Isabela State University Roxas Campus conducted a university-wide simultaneous kick-off ceremony to show and give love and respect to women.

Dr. Rosalyn L. Bautista, Campus Administrator, reiterates how women impact society and what they can contribute to improving our community.