The School of Agriculture and Agribusiness (SAA) at ISU Roxas recently hosted the “Career Opportunities towards Global Market” event on April 3, 2024, at the Mini-theatre, ISU Roxas, Matusalem, Roxas. The platform aimed to inspire 4th year BSA and BSAB students to seize career opportunities on a global scale, thereby, showcasing the school’s commitment to provide quality education (SDG4).

Dr. Erdelito R. Agapito, the General Services Director and SAA Faculty Member, delivered opening remarks emphasizing the importance of recognizing and valuing opportunities, drawing from personal experiences of working abroad. Dr. Rosalyn L. Bautista, Campus Administrator, highlighted the event’s success through divine intervention and proactive efforts, urging students to envision their future selves and fostering personal and professional growth in international scale. Ma’am Lei D. Balagan, Campus Guidance Counselor, emphasized continuous learning and dedication in various career paths, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Melanie A. Padaca, Farrowing Manager at Hylife Ltd. Canada and Former ISUR Professor, advocated for Filipino immigrants in Canada, stressing education’s role in fostering global citizenship and social responsibility. Dr. Padaca’s advocacy exemplified education’s transformative power in promoting inclusive societies and empowering marginalized communities.

Dr. Bladyner O. Da Jose, Program Chair of BSA Program, concluded the event by reiterating the importance of seizing opportunities with determination and qualification. His encouragement for the students to surpass their mentors underscored education’s role in nurturing talent and fostering innovation towards sustainable development goals.