The College of Criminal Justice Education of Isabela State University-Roxas Campus pays tribute to the newly licensed criminologists on April 4, 2022, at the Minitheater of ISUR, Matusalem, Roxas, Isabela.

Fifty alumni of ISUR-CCJE successfully passed the Criminologists Licensure Examination held last February 2024 and shared their experiences in preparing for and taking the CLE exam through a testimonial program provided by their department.

Dr. Nelmar P. Agub, the program chair for the Bachelor of Science in Criminology, congratulates the certified criminologists for their dedication, resilience, and determination in passing the examination, which brought immense honor to the institution. He also describes them using the first three letters of the alphabet – A for having the right Attitude despite the problems they faced in taking the examination; B for Bravery, for being brave in acknowledging their fears and doubts and choosing to act courageously; and C as Criminologists.

Meanwhile, Assoc. Prof. Charibel R. Sarte, the director for Academic Affairs, said that their success not only brings prestige and glory to the institution but also serves as inspiration and a challenge to the entire ISUR community, especially the students under the program, to strive and follow or surpass the performance of this year’s passers.

On behalf of Dr. Rosalyn L. Bautista, the campus administrator, Mr. Rodel P. Sarmiento, the director for Administrative and Finance Services, warmly congratulates the passers. He also mentioned that this is so far the highest rating of the course since then. He also mentioned the future plans for CCJE in building rooms to cater to the needs for instruction.

Dr. Januard D. Dagdag, the director for Extension and Training Unit, and Mr. Joey C. Cereno, the director for Planning, Management Information Systems, and Gender and Development, warmly congratulate the passers. They also wish and pray for them to have decent jobs in the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, or Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. They also remind them to be a blessing to the community.

Selected passers were given the chance to inspire the students of the CCJE. Ms. Krisha Marie R. Valledor, Ms. Ophalyn Shine P. Pascual, Ms. Erica M. Nicolas, Mr. Joward P. Serrano, Mr. Lucky B. Villanueva, and others shared their struggles, problems encountered, faithfulness to God, pressures-self, neighbor, and community, strengthening self-esteem, and motivations just to succeed in the CLE. They also remind students to read and read because truly there is no easy thing, especially in passing the board. The newly licensed criminologists received certificates and tokens as part of the thanks and appreciation of the ISUR CCJE for this milestone. Truly, their testimony reflects the exemplary performance of ISU in terms of academics, as deemed in the Sustainable Development Goal for quality education.