The implementation of a computer-assisted testing system for the College Admission Test (CAT) by the Guidance Office of Isabela State University Roxas Campus-Office of the Students Affairs and Services marks a significant advancement in the efficiency and accuracy of the admissions process. Spearheaded by Mr. Carlo Baltazar, a respected faculty member within the Institute of Information and Communication Technology, this innovative system promises to streamline the assessment process and expedite the release of results.

Mrs. Leinelie D. Balagan, the campus guidance counselor, expressed her satisfaction with the new system, highlighting its efficiency. With the computer-assisted testing, students can now receive their results immediately upon completing the 120-item examination. This swift turnaround not only reduces the waiting time for students but also enables the university to manage admissions more effectively.

The introduction of technology into the admissions process not only enhances efficiency but also ensures greater accuracy and standardization in assessing students’ aptitude and readiness for higher education. As the education landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like the computer-assisted testing system at ISUR demonstrate the institution’s commitment to embracing innovation and improving the overall experience for students and staff alike as part of the University‚Äôs Sustainable Development Goal.