On April 25-26, 2024, researchers from the College of Agriculture and Food Science-Institute of Weed Science, Entomology, and Plant Pathology (CAFS-IWEPP) at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) collaborated with the School of Agriculture and Agribusiness (SAA) at Isabela State University Roxas Campus (ISUR) to assist in conducting a project on “Building Rural Community Capacity Towards Resilience of Mango Livelihood in Luzon.” This DOST-PCAARRD-funded project, led by Dr. Susan T. Bacud, University Researcher II at UPLB CAFS-IWEPP, involved providing mango farmers in Isabela Province with knowledge on mango management. This collaboration provided ISUR SAA students with valuable real-world research experience.

The project’s main objective was to understand the vulnerabilities and livelihood strategies affecting the resilience of mango farmers in Isabela. Ms. Jovelyn B. Seloza and Mr. Emmanuel V. Lacueva, both faculty members of ISUR, were engaged to assist in this effort. The collaboration facilitated knowledge exchange and provided valuable hands-on experience for ISU-R students in conducting survey research. Prior communication with the Provincial Agricultural Office of Isabela ensured the smooth implementation of the project.

Ten senior entomologists from ISU-R were selected to participate in the survey research, gaining practical exposure in towns such as Roxas, Tumauini, Delfin Albano, and San Pablo, alongside UPLB researchers. Following the survey, a lecture on proper mango care and management, focusing on major pests, was delivered by UPLB Assistant Professor Jena Joy G. Apolinario, benefiting mango farmers and ISU-R students. This collaborative effort highlights the significance of academic partnerships in enhancing the quality of education and agriculture, thus aligning with the institution’s SDG1, SDG2, SDG4, and SDG17.