Roxas, Isabela – On this momentous day, May 24, 2024, Isabela State University Roxas Campus proudly announces the exceptional achievements of its Newly Licensed Professional Teachers, who have successfully passed the March 2024 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers.

With the national passing rate at 58.78%, ISUR Roxas Campus has once again demonstrated its educational excellence with an astounding first-taker passing rate of 90.70% and an overall passing rate of 72.17%. This remarkable accomplishment not only surpasses the national average but also showcases the dedication and hard work of our aspiring educators.

With pride and joy, the supportive ISUR Campus Administrator, Dr. Rosalyn L. Bautista, extended her heartfelt congratulations to the new batch of Professional Teachers. She also congratulates the College of Education Department of the campus headed by the Program Chair for BSEd, Professor Marilene S. Matusalem.

The College of Education at ISUR Roxas Campus has once again proven to be a beacon of quality education (SDG 4), fostering the next generation of educators who are well-equipped to inspire and shape the future.

Congratulations to all the Newly Licensed Professional Teachers of ISUR Roxas Campus! Your achievement is not just a personal triumph but a proud moment for the entire ISUR community. As you step into your professional journey, may you continue to embody the values and knowledge imparted by your alma mater.