The Philippine Junior Agricultural Executive Society – PJAES Roxas Chapter believes that people have a societal responsibility, which is to respect the rights of everyone for a better life and to act on the attainment of this goal. However, acting alone with very limited resources is never easy. For this reason, the PJAES aims to offer young people in communities, who are the hope and builders of the future, a helping hand by sharing their resources and enabling them to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors that can uplift the economic condition of their own households. The role of youth in community development is significantly important, as they constitute the most productive segment of the community’s population. By utilizing their resources, including personal assets such as talents, skills, acquired knowledge, time, passion, and commitment, as well as the gifts of nature (available resources in their surroundings that can be converted into more beneficial and profitable products through value-adding), young people can make their community very progressive, resulting in positive change.

In accordance with this mission, the PJAES Roxas Chapter engages its members in environment-, social-, and economic-friendly community services, starting in October 2023. Most recently, on March 28, 2024, the association began their pre-implementation activities for youth entrepreneurship formation in Roxas, Isabela. They conducted a special meeting with the Sangguniang Kabataan Officials of Barangay Matusalem, Roxas, Isabela, at the Batangay Hall.

The meeting was led by the PJAES General Manager, Mr. Romel Dela Cruz, and Assistant Manager, Mr. Betriano Datul Jr. It was initially attended by SK Officials headed by the Chairman, Mr. Regie De Fiesta, and some active youth from different Puroks. Also present were the PJAES Advisers/Consultants, Ma’am Edna M. Valdez, and Sir Percival L. Domingo, who shared more enlightenment about entrepreneurship formation and its role in socio-economic development. They also guided the decision-making of both parties for engagement and commitment to the attainment of the project’s goals.

During the meeting, the PJAES presented business opportunities to the SK Officials that would help them generate income and improve their entrepreneurial skills. The PJAES hoped to improve and build a strong relationship between the organization and SK officials of Matusalem. Additionally, PJAES plans to engage and meet with other SK officials from other barangays of the Municipality of Roxas and create an association of youths that focuses on improving entrepreneurial skills and establishing livelihood projects.

The initiative focuses on promoting youth entrepreneurship in Roxas, Isabela, which directly contributes to creating economic opportunities and fostering sustainable economic growth in the community. By empowering young people to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors, the initiative aims to uplift the economic conditions of households and promote social and economic empowerment among the youth population. Furthermore, the emphasis on building a strong relationship between the organization (PJAES) and the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officials, as well as the plan to establish an association of youths focused on improving entrepreneurial skills and livelihood projects, demonstrates a commitment to fostering partnerships and promoting inclusive economic growth within the community, which are key aspects of SDG 8.